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You must know that your gas boiler is also an appliance liable to cause great risks in your home, if it has not been serviced. At Gas Safety Landlords, we make it a critical point to have our gas engineers perform an annual boiler service.

An annual boiler service is not to be confused with a gas safety certificate. A gas safety certificate is a document that shows what gas appliances have been checked and whether they are safe or unsafe. It is a legal requirement for all UK landlords, under the 1998 Gas Installation and Use Regulation and must be renewed every 12 months. An annual boiler service is slightly different. Although a boiler service is to be carried out yearly, it requires your boiler to be thoroughly cleaned, checked to see if it’s safe and the burner operating pressure rest so that it matches its data plate. Every annual service ensures there are no future faults with gas appliances, as they are highly toxic and flammable.

There are many signs that will let you know if your boiler needs a service. For instance, the pressure will drop, the hot water will limit the flow or the heat will decrease lower than it should be and smoke marks/stains will appear near your boiler. It’s okay if you cannot recognise all the signs, as your Landlord has legal responsibility for spotting and reporting them for a service.

If having an annual boiler service done on your property sounds like too much, then perhaps we at Gas Safety Landlords can clarify things. As you know, the service is done every 12 months hence why it is an annual examination. Not only will an annual boiler service reduce you gas bills, saving you money on unnecessary repairs, but it will also minimise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by a great percentage. In addition to this, an annual service will also regulate your safety and low costs of gas fees. It is important to remember that only Gas Safety engineers can carry out any, annual, gas appliance services- especially an annual boiler service. However, tenants cannot request an annual gas service directly to the engineers. It is completely the duty of your landlord to do this.

Are you wondering if you’d need or want an annual boiler service done? The answer is simple. You might not need your boiler serviced, but if you have other gas appliances such as a gas cooker, you’d still need those serviced annually too. If you’re a landlord, you will have to have an annual service on your boiler and other gas appliances in your property, without fail. It’s the law.  If you would like to have an annual boiler service, give Gas Safety Landlords a call! We have offices all over London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent areas.

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