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At Gas Safety Landlords, we specialise in gas services, including boiler inspections. It’s vital to check your boiler. It ensures safety at property. Landlords must have Gas Safe engineers perform boiler testing in their property. Failure to check your boiler will reduce your home’s safety. Always check the engineer you receive is listed on the Gas Safe register. Many endure the misfortune of over-paying bogus gas engineers’ work on their boiler. It is illegal and hazardous.

It is a legal requirement for landlords to check their safety of their gas boiler annually. This is to regulate the condition of your boiler. When gas engineers arrive to check your boiler, they’ll present a safety certificate to your landlord. Landlords must provide a copy to tenants within 28 days of work being done. You can check via our contact details, for your nearest gas engineer.

We at Gas Safety Landlords know the importance of gas safety awareness. It’s imperative to check your boiler plus other gas appliances as directed by law. Tenants are delegated to landlords and vice versa. Gas safety is in the landlord’s hands. Are you aware of carbon monoxide poisoning? Carbon monoxide is tasteless, invisible and odour-free. When your boiler secretes this gas, it’ll put you in a critical condition- and kills! Find out more about boiler maintenance and gas risks through us!

Our Gas Safe engineers are eminently skilled and deliver the best. Worried about costs? Don’t be! We’ve got superb deals on boiler testing and other services, saving you loads on repair expenses and boosting your home’s safety!

We have offices in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. Check now for the nearest gas engineer!

If you’d like a boiler safety check, conducted on your boiler, call us on (020) 8951 6828. You can also email us at

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