A CP12 certificate is a document used to record gas safety checks. Some people may know this as a ‘Gas Safety Certificate.’ Your landlord has the legal obligation to call a Gas Safe Registered engineer, to complete a CP12 certificate after they’ve completed a safety check or other gas work. They must also ensure that all gas appliances in their property are serviced, maintained and recorded in the CP12 certificate, every twelve months (also by a Gas Safe registered engineer). If you are a landlord, be advised that failure to obtain a CP12 certificate completed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, will lead to consequences by the law.

All rented rooms, flats and houses, should have all their gas appliances checked and noted in the CP12 certificate with the exception of newly installed gas appliances within the first year of installation. This will be the only case where a CP12 certificate will not be needed.  We at Gas Safety Landlords, specialise in providing a CP12 certificate, gas appliance installation and repairs.

You may wonder how the certificate will affect your costs. In fact, having a CP12 completed will decrease costs because of the regularity of the gas safety checks being done. It’ll avoid having to get unnecessary, expensive, repairs done every so often. After a CP12 certificate is completed, your landlord will have to provide you, the tenant, with a copy of the CP12 document within 28 days of the work being done.

The sole purposes of having checks and a CP12 certificate done are to guarantee the safety of your home and families. Without them, your home will be prone to fatal hazards. Carbon monoxide is a common cause of poor, conditioned gas appliances. Ill fitted appliances are usually the result of neglect and/or improper installation. Carbon monoxide is an unseen, scentless and tasteless gas and is one of Britain’s biggest killers in the home. This is why it is vital that landlords have yearly gas safety checks in their properties, followed by a completed CP12 certificate. These instructions come under the Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998 and must not be ignored.

If you would like to have a gas safety check made, or unsure if your landlord has had a CP12 certificate done, then just give Gas Safety Landlords a call and we will advise you the best we can. If you are a landlord and are due to have a CP12 certificate renewed, you can also call us. We have offices within the London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent areas. Our operators can arrange for one of our highly qualified, friendly Gas Safe Registered engineers to visit your property and take it from there. A CP12 certificate will always be completed after every safety check. We are always here to help and only provide paramount service to all our customers.

For more information on CP12 certificates, please call us on (020) 8951 6828 | 333 320 0451, or you can email us at info@gassafetylandlords.co.uk

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