A CP12 is the established term for “gas certificate.” A CP12 is a document containing information to determine gas appliance safety for usage. U.K. landlords letting out property are required to obtain a cp12 certificate after gas appliances are checked. We at Gas Safety Landlords have professional gas engineers and expertise in gas safety and CP12 certificate requirements.

Gas is used in the home for water and home heating. Gas pipes, appliances and flues must be inspected. If they are unclean, broken or in ill condition they are a threat and due for gas checks plus cp12 certificate. 28 days within gas work completion, landlords must provide a copy of the CP12 gas certificate to the tenants.

Landlords are under lawful obligation to ensure their gas appliances are inspected with a CP12, by gas engineers. Gas engineers must be Gas Safe registered. If they aren’t they will be unable to complete full inspection and gas certificate, their work is illegal.

Up to 20 people die from gas poisoning in the U.K. each year, from reckless gas work plus inadequate cp12 certificate completion. Gas poisoning is a common factor amongst rented properties. Carbon monoxide is released from your unfixed, gas appliance. It has no fumes, colour or taste, making it impossible to detect and avoid. Landlords can be charged with manslaughter when their tenant(s) die in the case of gas poisoning.

New customers flood in everyday for our services. Have you ever had gas checks (cp12 certificate included), but had to pay extra plus extra repair costs, from poor performance? Well worry not. Gas Safety Landlords will take care of you. Our engineers are listed on the Gas Safe register, highly qualified and perform only the best service.

We prefer the safety of your home, rather than ridiculous charges. Our engineers are very friendly, but serious about their work. With offices across Middlesex, London, Kent and Surrey, we can locate your nearest gas engineer for gas testing and CP12 gas certificate, today!

If you’d like more information on gas service, or to obtain/renew a CP12 certificate, call us now!

Our number is (020) 8951 6828. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

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