Is your gas boiler safe? Do you know about gas safety and gas boiler checks? Landlords have the legal obligation to ensure that safety checks are performed on their gas appliances.  Every year your landlord must recommence these checks. If your boiler or other gas appliances are due for checks, read on!

Engineers registered on the Gas Safety scheme, are permitted to undertake gas checks. It’s compulsory for landlords to organise this annually. Should any of the previous fail, landlords will be breaking the law. Gas appliances include your boiler, flues and pipe work.  Engineers conclude checks with a gas certificate. The certificate records what was inspected (e.g. a boiler), faults and further comments regarding checks and repairs.

Your gas boiler produces heating for the home and water supply. Gas checks are substantial for you and your family. Gas checks saves costs and more importantly, lives. Ever wondered why laws are strict on gas safety? Your gas boiler for example, can discharge a harmful gas called carbon monoxide. It has no fragrance, taste nor colour making it a silent, deadly component. Many have died from gas poisoning as a result of their landlord’s failure to update their gas checks. Gas poisoning related deaths is a form of murder due to the illegal act and error of your landlord.

It can be difficult to differentiate whether your boiler and other appliances are in good condition or not. This is why you should contact us. We’ll give your boiler, flues and pipe intensive checks.

We at Gas Safety Landlords provide impeccable services. We believe that customer’s safety and peace of mind is priority. Unlike our competitors, we always ensure gas checks and certificates are carried out thoroughly and professionally. Additionally, our great rates will never leave you submerged in ridiculous bills because our work is always done adequately.

For more information about your boiler and gas checks, don’t delay and call today! We have extremely proficient engineers.

Call us on (020) 8951 6828 or email us at, for your boiler and gas appliance checks today!

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