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Did you know that gas is dangerous? Keep reading to find out why. Every year, U.K. landlords must arrange for gas inspectors to check gas appliances, flues and pipes within the property. It is a legal requirement for landlords to ensure that the inspectors are registered on the Gas Safe scheme. We at Gas Safety Landlords, provide the best inspectors for your gas safety needs.

The Health and Safety Executive reported 20-30 people are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning, every year! Causes are unmaintained flues or gas pipes, failure to renew gas certificates, inexperienced gas inspectors and tampered appliances (usually when relatives or friends attempt to “fix” gas appliances). Such activities are against the law. Tenants are technically in the care of landlords as they are living in properties owned by landlords. This is why landlords must have gas inspectors check their gas. It reduces the risk of gas related accidents and deaths.

Gas inspectors must always be listed on the Gas Safe register. The Gas Safe register is a list of every qualified gas inspectors – name and registration code included. If unsure, ask for a Gas Safe identification card. Note that non-registered gas inspectors e.g. friends, family, neighbours, are not permitted to touch any gas appliance, by law. Those caught doing so plus the landlord, will be dealt with by the law.

Our gas inspectors are highly professional, pleasant Gas Safe inspectors, with impeccable eye for detail. Our inspectors always execute testing and maintenance for heightened security at home. We have thousands of customers, regularly checking for the latest deals on our gas services. Leaving you stress-free, mounted with savings, but most of all safe!

We have offices in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. If you would like to find out your nearest gas inspectors, call us right now! Our friendly callers are on standby.

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