Gas Safety Certificates are by law, important if a rented property is fitted with one or more gas appliances. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations came into force in October 1998. It is the law for landlords to have gas safety checks and a certificate every 12 months. Due to high number of UK deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, the above law exists to prevent further, in-home fatalities.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate? It’s a legal certificate that shows evidence of gas works/tests carried out. Are you aware of the Gas Safety Certificate law? By law, landlords must arrange for gas work, tests and a certificate to be made. The certificate lasts up to a year before renewal. Also, Gas Safe registered engineers must perform these checks and complete a gas safety certificate, by law.

Rented homes should have the above, simply to regulate safety. Law changes can seem complex, but they are appointed for strict health and safety reasons. Few people have fallen severely ill from carbon monoxide poisoning and many have died. The gas cannot be tasted, seen nor scented, making it silent but deadly. Landlords can face law enforcements, e.g. a manslaughter murder charge, if they fail to direct gas safety checks and a CP12 certificate.

UK landlords should abide by the gas safety law by giving tenants a copy of a gas safety certificate within 28 days of completed gas checks and work. It is against the law for landlords to carry out gas safety checks and a certificate. It is against the law if anyone other than a gas safe engineer does this.

If you would like to know more about the gas safety law, how to get a safety check made and/or a certificate, please contact us. We at Gas Safety Landlords are more than willing to help! We send professional, Gas Safe registered engineers.  Our offices are in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent areas. Please find our contact details below for more information.

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