At Gas Safety Landlords, we provide gas services covering London, including South London. Need your Gas safety certificate? Please read. Gas Safety Landlords aim to prevent gas danger. U.K. Landlords should have gas checks plus safety certificate every 12 months.

30 people die every year in their homes, from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless, tasteless gas. Commonly known as the ‘silent killer,’ caused by poorly maintained gas appliances/no safety certificate. Effects of gas poisoning are tragic for tenants across London and the U.K. Gas safety laws were enforced in the hopes of increasing gas safety at home.

Every year, landlords must arrange for gas engineers to perform gas checks, followed by a safety certificate. Gas engineers must be listed on the Gas Safe register. Gas inspections and gas certificates are legal requirements as part of gas safety in rented homes. Gas certificate records gas appliances, work made, etc. One certificate copy is given to tenants within 28 days after completion.

We at Gas Safety Landlords, have gas engineers in West, North, East and South London. We cover all of South London, so if you need reliable, professional engineers, look no further. Our engineers are highly qualified who take pride in what they do. Not only will gas safety be guaranteed, but also mass gas or repair savings.

If you reside in South London and want to find your nearest gas engineer, call now! We have very competitive prices for gas safety checks (plus certificate), in South London and surrounding areas. Our gas engineers are listed on the Gas Safe scheme, with many years of experience performing safety inspections with a certificate, in South London.

Our South London engineers provide the following: Disconnect/install gas cookers, gas boiler and cooker servicing, safety certificates, etc. We provide proficient services in South London for homeowners, private landlords and property agents.

Other Services or cooker services:

Homeowners directly contact us. We’ll allocate a gas cooker installer, for gas hob, gas cooker or gas oven installations. Our gas fitters also provide gas disconnections and gas appliance servicing. Private landlords do not need to make appointments, as we can organise a visit with tenant(s). That way there’s no pressure on landlords. After that, a gas certificate will be issued to you directly. With property agents, we will arrange to collect keys from your South London office. Alternatively, we can meet you or your tenant at your South London home for your gas work and certificate.

Our South London engineers are very friendly and helpful. Should you need to know anything about the certificate or more gas services in South London, just ask! We understand that South London covers a large area, but we are able to allocate expert engineers wherever you are in South London.

We have offices all over London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. There are numerous engineers in the South London areas as it’s a large location.  Call us for a gas certificate and safety check on, (020) 8951 6828 or 0333 320 0451. You can also email us at

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