SM6 Wallington is an excellent area to own properties in and be a landlord, but you must never neglect your duty in supplying your tenants with a gas safe property that will be their haven away from harm. Here at Gas Safety Landlords, we guarantee that if you hire us, you will be more than impressed in our premium rate service and our registered engineers that know everything there is to know about gas appliances and boilers.

Here at Gas Safety Landlords, we only hire Corgi registered, trained gas engineers to gas check your SM6 Wallington property, making sure that all the gas appliances in your property are up-to-code with the latest gas safety laws, and that gas safety is not an issue in the home. Here at Gas Safety Landlords we know how dangerous gas appliances can be, and we make sure that when we are gas servicing a property, we leave no stone unturned.

To have a Gas Safety Landlords certificate is a legal requirement, and if you are found without one you will be fined. So why pay the price for something that can be so easily avoided at such a competitive rate? Here at Gas Safety Landlords we make sure that we give you a quick and efficient service at a time that is most convenient for you, as our SM6 Wallington clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority.

However, if you have any other kind of gas appliance issue that needs our TLC, such as a gas hob installation, a gas oven disconnection or a dual fuel cooker that needs to be removed, there is no one else that can do these jobs as well as us! So call us today on (0) 208 906 7570 | 333 320 0451. Or email us as at [email protected]

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