It is often said that before finding our qualified engineers here at Gas Safety Landlords, landlords were stumped at whom to call in order to get a reliable gas fitting service and be issued with a gas certificate. Our engineers specialise in gas appliance maintenance and servicing, and when it comes to the gas work we provide, we cannot be beaten! To have a property in SM7 Banstead without a Gas Safety certificate is dangerous, not to mention illegal, so why not call your local gas fitters Gas Safety Landlords!

Gas Safety Landlords is a London based company that delivers a premium gas service in and around the London area and we are proud of the service we provide. When our gas registered engineers are called out to issue a Gas Safety Landlord certificate, they do not leave the property until they are 100% certain that all the gas appliances in your SM7 Banstead property are working efficiently and are safe to use. Then and only then do our engineers issue Gas Safety certificates.

We do not risk gas safety, and we make sure that all your gas appliances have been properly serviced, something that can only be done by someone who is properly trained in the science and knowledge of gas, so do not underestimate the work our gas engineers do for your property.

When issuing Gas Safety certificates, our gas engineers take the time to do maintenance work on your boiler, which needs to be properly installed and up-to-date in order for it to work to the best of its ability. So if the boiler in your SM7 Banstead property is not working well, then all you need is one quick call to Gas Safety Landlords!

So, if you are in need of a Gas Safety Landlord certificate, or if you have a gas hob, gas oven or gas cooker that needs to be serviced, Gas Safety Landlords are here to help! So call Gas Safety Landlords today on (0) 208 906 7570 | 333 320 0451. Or email us as [email protected]

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