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Are you a resident of E1 Whitechapel, in need of a Gas Safety inspection in your rented property? We at Gas Safety Landlords can help! We are a London based Gas Company, who offer competitive, expert gas services.

Handling gas is extremely dangerous. Only Gas Safe registered engineers, are legally permitted to work on gas. Rented properties without a Gas certificate are prone to gas related disasters. Gas appliances, gas flues and gas pipes must be checked annually. Landlords must arrange for gas safe engineers to perform these inspections, by law. Faulty gas appliances are the most common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is tasteless, colourless and odourless. Its transparent nature is evidently silent, but deadly. This is why we at Gas Safety Landlords urge you to consider your gas safety. Why not contact us and get your safety check plus certificate, today!

Our other services:
At Gas Safety Landlords we have gas engineers in E1 Whitechapel, who also provide the following services: Gas cooker installations, gas oven fittings, gas hob connections, disconnections and servicing, power flushing, plus many more. Our professional services in E1 Whitechapel are designed for homeowners, private landlords and property agents. Homeowners can contact us directly to arrange for our gas engineers to visit your property in E1 Whitechapel for gas certificates, gas inspections, gas hob disconnections, connections and/or servicing.

At Gas Safety Landlords, we have offices across London, including the E1 Whitechapel area. Gas Safety inspections are quick, simple and very thorough. Be assured that your gas appliance, be it your gas hob, gas cooker or gas oven, are well maintained to work efficiently and safely.

If you live within the E1 Whitechapel area, but have not issued/renewed your Gas Safety Certificate, contact Gas Safety Landlords today! In addition, we also have the following service that you may be interested in: boiler servicing, gas oven installation and dual fuel cooker maintenance. Call Gas Safety Landlords on: 0208 951 6828 | 333 320 0451. You can also email us at

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