We at Gas Safety Landlords, provide services for gas maintenance, safety and CP12 forms.  CP12 forms are appointed by landlords and completed by registered Gas Safe engineers. It’s a legal requirement to enhance safety in the home.  We deal with gas safety services such as boilers, pipes, flues and hob cookers.

An estimated 30 people die every year from gas (carbon monoxide) poisoning. This is why law enforcements were initiated for gas safety in rented homes. It’s the landlord’s sole duty to ensure that gas safety checks are carried out plus a safety certificate. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that kills without warning. Its flu-like symptoms make it difficult for people to recognise they’re in grave danger. The gas is transparent, odourless and tasteless, which is why it can never be determined. In the absence of legal gas services and safety certificate, landlords are breaking the law and could face jail if tenant(s) dies of gas poisoning.

Not everyone realises the degree of importance regarding in-home gas safety. If you’ve had gas services previously, but still having to shell out more than you can afford, you’ve been misdirect and cheated. Be assured that joining Gas Safety Landlords could be the best decision you’ve made! We provide first-class services and only employ incomparable engineers-Gas Safe registered of course. Why waste time and money on unreliable, unbeneficial services? Join us, and put your mind at ease.

Gas safety and security is all we care about. You’ll never have to worry again! Let us bring our gas safety services and discover what we can do for you. Our offices are in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. We’ll allocate the nearest Gas Safe engineer and proceed with the gas services.

If you’d like to experience our services or find out more about gas safety, contact us straight away!

Call us on (020) 8951 6828. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

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