A landlord has legal requirements towards ensuring gas safety at home. Every 12 months, they must have gas checks on their flues, pipes and appliances, together with a gas certificate. One certificate (copy) must be given to tenant(s), 28 days after gas work completion. These requirements provide security against gas related incidents.

Landlord Certificate requirements were enforced by the law when HSA reported that 30 people die from gas poisoning yearly.  Following these requirements may seem a drag, but they benefit your landlord, home and family. These requirements are crucial as they save lives as well as repair costs. A safety certificate is also important regarding landlord requirements. It provides reassurance that your gas is safe. Any records of unsafe gas will be recorded, but will be fixed immediately.

Carbon monoxide is one of the U.K.’s leading in-home deaths. People die from carbon monoxide’s colourless, tasteless, odourless nature – commonly found in badly maintained gas appliances, flues, also piping. Gas Safe registered engineers are permitted for gas assessment and certificate, not your landlord. Your landlord must follow safety requirements, so that gas accidents decrease/diminish. Should tenants die from gas poisoning by faulty gas appliances/no certificate, your landlord will face legal consequences.

At Gas Safety Landlords, we understand the importance of landlord requirements. Our team works endlessly to ensure that these requirements are met to high standards. It is vital to have a gas certificate for gas work. The certificate shows what 100% are safe and/or potential threats to your home. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are also highly skilled with certificate and gas inspection qualifications. We’re favourable amongst many customers across London including surrounding areas.

Contact us so we can arrange with the (private) landlord for an inspection plus certificate. Alternatively, we can discuss or organise this with tenants if the landlord is unavailable. Property agents can meet us at their office or tenants in their property. There’s always a way for compromise so that life is easier for everyone. As an end result, all gas requirements will be met with the landlord and tenant(s).

Does your landlord need their certificate renewed? Are all legal requirements fulfilled? Call now! We will arrange for the nearest Gas Safe engineer to inspect your gas plus a completed certificate.

Call now on (020) 8951 6828, for your Landlord Certificate Requirements and our services. You can also email us at info@gassafetylandlords.co.uk

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