Landlords have the legal responsibility, to check the safety of their gas. Annually, landlords must arrange for gas engineers to check their gas appliances, plus complete a gas safety certificate. Gas safety is critical for both landlords and tenants. Gas Safety Landlords will help with all gas safety needs. We will ensure to check all gas appliances, flues and pipes. We’ll also ensure to update your gas certificate.

We have offices around London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. Landlords can check their local engineer, with one phone call. Gas safety is essential as it heightens security in the home. Not sure whether who can check gas? Landlords have the legal duty to check if gas in their property, is safe. To do this, they must arrange for gas engineers to check gas appliances, flues and pipes. After the gas check, gas engineers must issue landlords with a gas safety certificate.

At Gas Safety Landlords, we believe in high-quality performance. When carrying out a gas safety check, our engineers ensure to thoroughly check for any damages, however minor/major they may be. What’s more, we are very flexible. Landlords will have to arrange for a gas check, but both landlords and tenants have the option to set a time, suitable for them. In addition to such great services, our rates are incredibly competitive. Landlords are calling in every minute for their Landlords gas safety check, so why not follow suit and call now! Gas Safety is most important to us so you needn’t worry about the quality or price of our services.

Gas Safety Landlords are more than happy to help you. For your Landlords gas safety check, call us now! Our engineers are listed on the Gas Safe register so landlords and tenants needn’t be anxious. Furthermore they are extremely reliable and will only leave until gas is completely safe to use.

Our team are ready for your call so contact us today on, (020) 951 6828 or 03333 200 484. Email us at [email protected] for more information!

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