Landlords are legally obliged to ensure gas safety checks plus CP12 certificates, are carried out every 12 months. Copies of CP12 certificates must be given to tenants within 28 days of gas work. Landlords should ensure this is done thoroughly for the safety of their tenants and property. Gas safety is a serious matter that cannot be ignored. We at Gas Safety Landlords help customers understand how gas safety is beneficial to them.

CP12 certificates are gas certificates. U.K. landlords should renew it every year so that regularity of gas safety is guaranteed. Gas safety is absolutely paramount, reason being lives are more at risk than property. Landlords without CP12 certificates, exposes tenants to toxic gas, without noticing. The Health & Safety Executives reports 30 people killed, due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This is the result of poorly connected gas appliances, under-maintained flues and careless piping.  CP12 certificates, commonly known as gas certificates, are legal documents that landlords must have renewed annually and in their possession. A copy of CP12 certificates must also be given to the tenants within 28 days of completed gas works. U.K. landlords must ensure this process is updated thoroughly. Consequences can put families and landlords in grave danger!

Carbon monoxide is a gas, which cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. Its gaseous character makes it near impossible to detect. HSA estimated up to 30 people die each year from gas poisoning. Symptoms are often confused with flu symptoms, but one must always notify their landlords and GP for gas poisoning concerns. At Gas Safety Landlords, we specialise in CP12 certificates and gas safety.

Performing any gas works without being Gas Safe registered, is against the law. Our gas engineers can indentify gas appliances that have been tampered with. Landlords can face consequences without valid CP12 certificates or faulty gas appliances. Landlords Gas Safety CP12 certificates cannot be obtained unless the individual is registered on the Gas Safe scheme.

Want to know more about legal requirements for landlords, gas safety and/or CP12 certificates? Call us now and make your appointment today! All our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered, exceedingly qualified professionals, who take their job seriously. Contact us to find your nearest engineer! We have offices in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

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