Not many people know that landlords are duty-bound by law, to ensure their tenants safety. In addition, Landlords safety checks with gas certificates must be done annually by Gas Safe engineers. At Gas Safety Landlords, we handle gas services such as flue, pipe and gas appliance maintenance.

Landlords are responsible for their tenants, because they have a contracted agreement, allowing tenants to live in their property. Whether it’s a room, flat or house, all U.K. landlords must ensure that safety checks are performed on gas appliances. Gas certificates must accompany safety checks. Landlords must keep the original copy, but provide tenants with their own copy within 28 days of checks being done.

Law was enforced for gas safety and duties of landlords, because an estimated 20 people die per year from carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a natural gas, invisible to the naked eye and senseless. Its nature makes it absolutely impossible for one to distinguish if it’s been released or not. Flu-like symptoms have said to be signs that indicate if one is affected by carbon monoxide. However, it isn’t always the case, hence why it is a difficult judgement. Regardless, it is still a lethal gas and can kill; hence why it’s a legal obligation for landlords to guarantee their property’s security via safety checks. Should one die from gas poisoning, landlords can face manslaughter, from lack of maintenance or failure to uphold safety checks.

At Gas Safety Landlords, we welcome thousands of customers, everyday! All our engineers are Gas Safe registered and highly qualified to operate on gas appliances. We ensure that all checks and safety certificates are performed at superior standards! Checks are thorough for security. Not only are repair costs reduced dramatically, your safety is heightened drastically.  With offices in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent, we can locate your nearest gas engineer.

If you need Landlords safety checks completed, or information on gas safety duties for landlords, call us right away!

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