Which gas appliances must be checked?

A gas safety certificate landlord (CP12) is required for installed gas appliances and fittings; gas boilers, gas fires, gas cookers/ hobs, gas supply and flues, also including LPG heaters where applicable. They do not apply to appliances owned by tenants or flues/chimneys connected to tenant’s appliances.

How often do I require a gas safety landlords certificate (CP12)?

You must ensure that a gas safety landlords certificate (CP12) is issued annually for any property that is partly/ fully tenanted.

Who carries out a Gas Safety Landlords Inspection?

Gas Safety landlords certificates (CP12’s) must be carried out by an engineer that is Gas safe Registered. The engineer must be qualified to work on specific gas appliances and gas heating systems.

How do I know if the engineer is Gas Safe Registered?

You can check this by going online and searching on gassaferegister.co.uk alternatively by checking they have a Gas Safe ID Card.

What gas safety documentation do I require?

When a gas safe engineer attends a property, they will carry out a gas safety landlords Inspection and later produce a gas safety certificate landlord (CP12). The gas safety landlords Certificate (CP12) will have on it the Gas Safe Register logo, aswell as the engineers Gas Safe number. The gas safety landlords Certificate (CP12) will also contain information such as: the gas appliances in the property and where they are located, the address, date of inspection and any defects to the gas appliances including remedial action that has been or requires undertaking.

Can the tenants be asked to take responsibility for the gas safety landlords checks?

The responsibility lies solely with the landlord or his/ her letting agent.

How (as a landlord) do I gain access to the property for gas safety certificates (CP12’s), repairs and servicing?

The lease agreement should be written to allow you as the landlord reasonable access. You should take “all reasonable steps” to ensure a gas safety landlords certificate (CP12) is carried out. This may include written letters to tenants requesting access and the reason why. If for any reason they refuse to allow an engineer to carry out the gas safety landlords certificate (CP12) you should keep all correspondence incase you ever need to prove the steps you have taken. If a tenant continues to refuse access you may need to consider court action.