Gas Safety Certificates Landlords

Gas Safety Landlords are a London based company who offer gas safety certificate landlord to individuals selling their property or requiring a gas safety certificate after a new boiler installation, landlords, estate agents, property management companies, inventory companies and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) companies.

Items Checked

  • Gas supply
  • Gas appliances
  • Gas flues
  • Ventilation


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What if an appliance fails the gas safety landlords certificate (CP12)?

If a gas appliance/ installation has any problems and fails the gas safety landlords certificate (CP12) the gas safe engineer may either leave a warning notice for the landlord or in some cases disconnect the appliance or request that the gas company cut off the gas supply to the property.


The landlord will need to elect a gas safe engineer to remedy the fault by carrying out any works required or have the appliance replaced before reconnecting it. The paid invoices from the Engineer can be attached to the gas safety landlords certificate (CP12) to prove that the work has been carried out or a new gas safety landlords certificate (CP12) will need to be issued.


If the gas engineer notices any problems the landlord has to have them repaired by law. If a landlord fails to carry out any remedial work on the appliance or fails to provide a gas safety landlords certificate (CP12) they are committing a criminal offence. The “Health and Safety executive” can then prosecute. This can be anything from a fine to imprisonment.