Do you live in North London and need a gas safety certificate? Gas safety is paramount for tenants and landlords in North London. It’s illegal for rented properties containing gas appliances, without gas safety inspection or certificate.  Safety checks and certificates should be completed by Gas Safe engineers in North London, every year. It’s the legal responsibility to make arrangements for their certificate.

30 people die yearly from gas poisoning, hence why law was enforced for gas safety. Faulty gas appliances evoke gas poisoning. Carbon monoxide gas is colourless, tasteless and odourless.  Having a gas safety certificate is crucial for your North London property. Carbon monoxide is transparent, making it impossible to detect immediately. It causes severe illness and kills! Protect your North London home now with your certificate, today! We at as Safety Landlords provide professional gas engineers who are expertly trained for safety checks plus certificate.

A gas certificate increases security in your home from gas. Gas appliances should be handled by professional engineers – Gas Safe registered only.  When having the safety checks and certificate done, your gas engineer will check gas flues, gas pipes and gas appliances in the property, for potential or existing damages. Carbon monoxide can secrete from gaps or cuts of any size. As mentioned before, one is unable to sense whether the gas is exposed or not. Gas Safety Landlords aspire to protect North London homes plus surrounding areas, from such harm.

We also provide other services:

Gas cooker disconnections, gas cooker/boiler servicing, gas safety certificates (CP12s), other gas related overhaul. Our professional services in North London are for homeowners, private landlords and property agents.

Homeowners can directly arrange with our gas cooker installers, to visit your North London property, work on the gas cooker and gas boiler. Private landlords don’t necessarily have to make arrangements with our installers, as we are willing to discuss arrangements with tenants. It makes life easier, plus takes the burden off you. For property agents, we can coordinate a meeting at your North London office, to collect the property’s keys. Alternatively, we can meet the tenant(s) at their North London home for the gas hob installation to take place.

We provide a CP12 certificate after inspections are completed in your North London property.  The certificate is also a guide, demonstrating the extent of safety in your home. As mentioned, we have many offices in and around London, especially North areas. One mustn’t worry about costs either. Our rates are very competitive. Furthermore, your North London home’s safety will increase, thanks to our thorough work.

Do you live in North London? Need gas check/safety certificate? Call us now on (020) 951 6828 OR 03333 200 484. You can also email us at

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