NW7 Mill Hill is an incredible area to own property, but you must never forget your duty to the safety of your tenants in your property. If you have a property that has any kind of gas appliance, including a boiler, then it is crucial that you have a Gas Safety certificate. This is proof that your property has been eliminated from gas hazards and that you have taken safety precautions when it comes to your tenants’ safety.

A Gas Safety certificate is legal requirement for your NW7 Mill Hill home, and being without one could cost you a hefty price, so why would you risk it when it can be so easily avoided? One call to our dedicated team here at Gas Safety Landlords would mean you get an appointment to fit around your schedule, at an extremely competitive price, what more could you ask for? You get value for money when you get our premium service because our prices cannot be matched, and neither can our second-to-none examination of your gas appliances!

Also, we can offer you an appointment at a time that suits you, so you never have to worry about when our gas safety professionals are coming to your NW7 Mill Hill property because we give you plenty of notice at a time that suits your schedule.

Furthermore, when you get a reliable Gas Safety certificate from us, we also take your tenants’ safety one step further by reminding you of your annual gas appliance checks, ensuring that the gas appliances in your NW7 Mill Hill property are ALWAYS safe to use and that your Gas Certificate is still legitimate.

What’s more, our expertise does not just stop at issuing Gas Safety certificates, we also install gas hobs, gas ovens and gas cookers; we do it all! So call us now on (0) 208 951 6828 | 333 320 0451. Or email us as at info@gassafetylandlords.co.uk.

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