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Attention U.K. tenants and landlords! Gas Safety Landlords are here to offer our services. Landlords are legally obliged to organise gas safety checks, with Gas Safe registered engineers annually.

The Gas Safe Register is the official scheme in the U.K. It provides registered gas engineers, qualified to maintain and inspect gas appliances. Non-registered engineers attempting to perform gas works are breaking the law. Also, as landlords are responsible for all safety checks and gas works, they too are breaking the law when they let amateur engineers proceed with gas works in their property.  Registered engineers always carry their Gas Safe I.D card.

Safety is imperative. Faulty appliances usually stop working/develop life threatening complications. Carbon monoxide is released without being detected. It’s a natural, invisible gas that is unscented and tasteless. Our registered engineers urge tenants and landlords to be aware. This is why gas safety is crucial. Contact us for deals on carbon monoxide detectors, when you book a boiler service and CP12 certificate!

Just think about the savings you’ll make with our services! We provide high class, professional, gas engineers. Our customers are always on the lookout for our latest safety deals on gas. If you haven’t registered with us, what are you waiting for? Once you’ve booked an appointment and service with us, we will inform you of the nearest Gas Safe registered engineer to you.  We have offices in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

We cannot stress the importance of gas safety. You’ll only put your family home at risk if gas checks are made by non registered workers.

Do you need a safety check? Concerned about gas safety registered engineers? To find out more about gas safety, or gas safety registered engineers, call now!

Our number is (020) 8951 6828. You can email us as well at