Worried about the cost of a Gas certificate? Concerned about legal duties as a landlord? Keep reading!

At Gas Safety Landlords, we focus on gas safety. A UK landlord is legally responsible to have gas appliances in their properties, checked with a gas certificate completed annually. They must arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to visit their property and proceed with gas works, inspection and gas certificate. A gas certificate must be renewed twelve-monthly. Newly fitted gas appliances do not require a certificate in year one of installation.

A certificate records works/inspections on gas appliances in rented properties. The certificate is renewed annually for gas safety. A UK landlord mustn’t disobey gas safety regulations and must have a gas certificate done for every gas appliance in their property. A gas engineer listed on the Gas Safe register do the work, but the landlord must make the arrangements. If not, lives may be at cost. Your landlord can lose their property and insurance. As a landlord, defying the law can cost you your freedom.

Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odourless, colourless gas that kills. Having a gas certificate and gas checks made, makes a difference. We at Gas Safety Landlords have superb rates for gas works and inspections. Not only are they safe, but the cost of their gas and repair bills have decreased by far. Our customers can vouch for us! If you are a landlord reading this, you could cut the cost of your spending and prevent the cost of jail time. Home security and cost efficiency are why we want to help. Your landlord should worry about the work; we will take care of the cost! Our rates are reasonable, but the main aim is to reduce your overall cost of bills.

Suspect a problem with your gas appliance(s)? Notify your landlord immediately. Your landlord must acquire a gas engineer. Need further cost or gas certificate info? Contact us and we’ll provide our great rates! Our offices are in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent areas. Call us to find out the cost and further information. You can also call if you/your landlord have gas certificate queries.

Tel: (020) 8951 6828. You can email us at: info@gassafetylandlords.co.uk

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