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Is your boiler due for inspection? Not sure about gas boiler checks? Relax! We at Gas Safety Landlords have the right solutions!  Landlords have the legal obligation to require checks for their boiler (if more than one gas appliance, they must also be checked). Boiler checks must be conducted by Gas Safe registered engineers.

Boiler checks are vital as it saves lives as well as on repair costs. Under the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) 1998 law, it is stated that checks must be conducted yearly by Gas Safe engineers, appointed by landlords renting out their property (private and letting agents included). The law’s involvement is in accordance to the HSA’s findings. HSA established that up to 30 people die every year from carbon monoxide (gas) poisoning. Carbon monoxide is tasteless, colourless and odourless. Moreover, it is deadly! For example, any non-registered Gas Safe engineers, be it a relative/friend, attempting to fix your boiler, will increase risk of gas poisoning. Why? Because they haven’t the knowledge or capability of ensuring the boiler is completely safe. This is why it’s crucial to obtain checks for your boiler and other gas appliances.

In the case of death from carbon monoxide poisoning, landlords will be prosecuted with manslaughter murder. Boiler and other gas checks are not supposed to be stressful chores. They’re life saving checks! To ensure that your boiler is 100% safe, our engineers will always test your boiler and record their findings on a gas certificate. The certificate is a legal, crucial part of gas checks. It proves whether your boiler is safe enough to use or not.

At Gas Safety Landlords, we believe that high-class service is paramount. Our engineers are always Gas Safe registered by law, furthermore they ensure that your appliances are checked thoroughly.  Ask our customers! With our amazing deals and rates, you needn’t worry about ridiculous repair costs, unprofessional work etc. Our offices are located across London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. Contact us for your nearest gas engineer!

If you need any gas checks, a service on your boiler etc, please call us now on: 020 8951 6828 or email us at

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