Renting a property? We at Gas Safety Landlords provide help for gas safety. We have amazing rates that’ll save you loads on gas, making your renting experience relaxing. Gas checks/certificates for gas appliances are important. It’s a legal requirement for home safety and for your family.

Landlords are legally responsible for getting gas checks/certificates. On the account of renting a property, they’re obliged for annual gas maintenance – certificate included. A gas certificate records what appliance was inspected, their condition and further comments of recommendation for future reference. The certificate is vital for those renting, as it ensures families and homes are safe from harm or death. Landlords must arrange for Gas Safe registered engineers to perform gas checks with a certificate. Non Gas Safe engineers attempting gas work are immediately breaking the law.

Gas inspections and a gas certificate  for renting tenants are essential, for health and safety reasons. You’re renting, therefore U.K. landlords are responsible for gas faults, accidents, etc. HSE estimated 20-30 people die yearly from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide has no smell, taste or colour. It kills without detection, which is why it’s crucial for gas checks and certificate.

Gas Safe engineers must be registered on the Gas Safe scheme. Always ask gas engineers for their ID card. It’s illegal for relatives or friends to perform gas works, without the correct qualifications.

Engineers check, clean and maintain gas appliances, flues including piping. Gas engineers will record their findings on a gas certificate. The certificate is given to landlords then a copy is provided for tenants within 28 days of completed gas work.

If you are renting, but need gas checks plus gas certificate, give us a call now! We have offices across London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent areas.

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