Live in London? Need a gas check; aware of a gas certificate? At Gas Safety Landlords, we provide gas services including gas connections, disconnections, gas maintenance and certificates. We cover London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent areas.

Rented properties, in London, are growing each year. More tenants mean more gas appliances, especially for big families or vulnerable (e.g. disabled; elderly etc). Gas related accidents in London, usually start by poorly installed gas pipes or boilers, the landlord failed to renew their gas certificate or an unqualified gas engineer attempted to maintain the gas appliances.

Gas poisoning is one of London’s biggest causes from insufficient gas checks. Illegal gas engineer work is also a factor. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas, which has killed many across London and the U.K.

Tired of looking for the right gas provider in London? We at Gas Safety Landlords, ensure the work is done adequately. It’s a legal requirement for landlords to have/renew a gas safety certificate every year. Tenants should have a copy of the certificate within 28 days of gas work and/or checks. Gas engineers must be listed on the Gas Safe register and carry their I.D at all times. On their visit, they inspect gas appliances, pipes and flues for any faults. Once checked, full testing is conducted.

Our London customers join us for professional, gas services without worrying about their funds. They credit our extensive work and friendly team. We always ensure that the gas certificate is produced after inspections. The certificate will prove the safety of your gas at home. If you live in London and acquire a gas check and certificate, contact us now!

We have offices in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. Call us for more information about gas safety/obtaining a gas certificate.

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