At Gas Safety Landlords, our beliefs about gas safety are why we do what we do. It’s essential to check that all gas appliances are safe to use. Landlords are appointed by law, to ensure their gas appliances are maintained, supported with a gas CP12 record.  Only Gas Safe engineers are eligible for gas maintenance and cp12 certificates, in rented homes. This also applies to landlords renting properties, through letting agents. Gas certificates are widely known as a “CP12,” and must be completed every 12 months after gas inspections take place.

According to the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), between 20 to30 people die each year. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the cause for these sudden deaths. Carbon monoxide is gas; undetectable by the naked eye, nose or tongue, making it extremely deadly. This is why the law became involved, in order to save more lives in the future. By having gas checks, preservation and cp12 certificates, more families survive. Unfortunately, some survive at a high cost. Shabby gas work plus no gas cp12 record, equals acts of illegal crime. Furthermore, service charges are unreasonable and additional costs go towards repair, after repair, after repair.  Every gas assessment and cp12 must be implemented.

Gas inspections and cp12 forms increases security at home. Our engineers are repeatedly demonstrating our willingness to keep you safe. In addition, our friendly team are always keeping customers relaxed and happy. With great rates and professional input, you’ll never have to worry about unnecessary bills, further damage to your gas supply/appliances and cp12 certificates are completed in full. Should there be further concern or advice regarding your gas appliances, our gas engineers will record it into the gas cp12 certificate.

If you are due for a gas cp12 or would like professional labour and thorough inspections on your gas appliances, don’t hesitate to contact us. In fact, call us now!

We have offices over London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. Our operators are on standby to locate your nearest gas engineer.

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