Have you had an inspection on your gas appliances? At Gas Safety Landlords, we aim to guarantee safety in the home. Landlords must have a gas safety inspection on gas appliances, flues and pipes, every year. After the inspection, a gas certificate must be issued to landlords and landlords must send a copy to their tenants within 28 days of work being done.

Our main priority stands with the safety of your home. Many have endured poor services, ill inspections and ridiculous repair costs. We at Gas Safety Landlords, always ensure that a gas inspection is carried out properly. Our engineers are highly assiduous and listed on the Gas Safe register. Not only are they reliable, but also very friendly.

Up to 30 people die every year, from carbon monoxide poisoning. The main cause for this stems from poor gas safety. For example, failure to carry out an inspection, non-Gas Safe registered workers tampering with gas appliances, etc. Carbon monoxide is extremely gaseous. It cannot be seen, smelt nor tasted; hence it’s silent, but deadly impact. We urge customers to have their inspection every year and update their certificates.

Your gas safety inspection shouldn’t be so expensive, nor should your inspection be partial. Why not contact us today? Our rates are absolutely unbeatable. Just ask our customers! During the inspection, our gas engineers will clean, maintain and test the gas appliances. After the inspection, a gas safety certificate is issued to landlords, who must then give a copy to their tenant(s).

Tired of unreliable gas services? Concerned about safety? With us, you’re guaranteed an inspection performed on time and in great detail! We cannot stress how much your safety means to us, which is why our safety inspection, team and costs have saved lives. In addition, safety in the home has increased greatly!

Contact us today for your gas safety inspection and safety certificate! Call now on, (020) 951 6828 or 03333 200 484. Alternatively, you can also email us at info@gassafetylandlords.co.uk