Whether you have or are looking to buy a new gas appliance, please keep reading. There are vital pieces of information that you must know, before you proceed. One must acknowledge that all gas installers should be listed gas engineers on the Gas Safe register. Secondly, it is compulsory for Gas Safety Certificates to be completed. This is so that there is an approved document, which shows that the property is safe.

Gas Safety Certificates are records that demonstrate which gas appliances are safe. It is a legal requirement for UK Landlords to maintain gas safety certificates, since the 1998 Gas Installation and Use Regulations were issued. Landlords must renew gas certificates annually. If a Landlord fails to do so, there will be consequences against them by the law. Copies of gas certificates must also be given to tenants after 28 days of gas work. Gas Safety Certificates have to be completed by a qualified gas engineer, registered with the Gas Safe scheme.

Tenants renting a room, house or flat are required to have their gas appliance checked. Furthermore, if the tenant(s) decides to bring their own gas appliance (one that has not already been provided before viewing/renting the property), their Landlord still needs to have Gas Certificates completed by registered gas engineers.  The reason for having checks and certificates, are for tenants safety and protection from carbon monoxide poisoning. This can lead to severe health complications and death. Landlords can be prosecuted with manslaughter, whether the gas appliance belongs to them, or brought by a tenant.

Our company ensures safety for our customers. We have qualified, professional, Gas Safe registered engineers. They constantly provide a high quality service, for the safety of the customers and their homes.

For more information about Gas Safety Certificates, Landlord gas responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us at Gas Safety Landlords. Our offices are based in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. Your requests and queries will be dealt with promptly and thoroughly.  Our number is (020) 951 6828. You can email us at: info@gassafetylandlords.co.uk

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