Your landlord has legal duties, to check that your gas is safe every 12 months. A landlord must call for Gas Safe registered engineers, to check if your gas appliances are completely safe. We at Gas Safety Landlords aim to raise awareness to tenants and their landlord, about how to check your gas appliances’ safety.

A landlord gas check is required for gas appliances in your property, e.g. gas hob cooker, gas boiler, etc. Your landlord must have a gas check certificate completed by registered gas engineers. It is an illegal offence for non Gas Safe engineers to operate on gas appliances and your landlord will face serious consequences. Furthermore, you and your family will not be safe. Gaps in flues, piping or boilers can excrete toxic gas called carbon monoxide. It’s a natural gas with no colour, taste nor smell. Its translucent nature puts people in critical conditions and ultimately kills. Your landlord will be sentenced for manslaughter murder, should the tenant(s) die in the event of gas poisoning.

A gas check is fundamental for your home, which is why your landlord must abide by the law and check/maintain your gas appliances. This is where we come in. Gas Safety Landlords are here to help in the best way we can. Keeping you safe and your landlord aware is valuable to us. If you’re anxious about charges, relax. Our rates are extremely reasonable as our priorities lie with keeping you safe from gas risks. Emptying your pockets is not our aim, unlike other companies you may stumble across – that’s a promise! Contact us now for more on our gas deals and gas safe certificates.

We have highly professional Gas Safe registered engineers, who thoroughly check gas appliances. During their visit, the engineer will check the pipes, appliances and flues before writing out a gas certificate. Your landlord can have the document for up to 2 years for their records and give you a copy within 28 days of gas work/inspections although the certificate expires within 1 year. If you’re a landlord and require a gas engineer, you can check your nearest office. We have offices in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

If you are a due for a landlord gas check or unsure about your duties as a landlord, call us now!  Our lines are ready so call us on (020) 8951 6828, or email us at