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Gas Safety is ample. Under the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) 1998 law, U.K. landlords are compelled to organise yearly gas checks with a Gas Safe registered engineer. It is against the law for non Gas Safe engineers to carry out any safety checks in rented homes.

Gas safety checks are not only important, but also a health and safety requirement by law. Landlords have full responsibility for their tenants, which is why they must always abide by the Gas safety law. They can be seriously prosecuted if they break the law, simply because tenants’ lives may be in jeopardy.

By law, your gas must be checked every 12 months by a gas engineer with a completed gas safety certificate. Tenants must be given a copy of the gas safety document, 28 days after work being done. If none of the above occurs, your landlord will be breaking the law.

Although landlords are the sole owners of their properties, tenants trust them with their life and money when renting out. Should a gas appliance fail or are badly conditioned, health risks as well as hefty repair costs will be the outcome. Did you know that almost 30 people die each year of gas poisoning? Carbon monoxide gas expels itself from poorly maintained gas appliances, flues and pipes. It’s odourless, colourless and tasteless. Its transparency is extremely lethal. Your landlord could face murder charges if gas poisoning deaths befall, which is why the law urges landlords to update their gas safety checks.

Not everyone takes the law seriously, but we do. Why have less than what you bargained for? At Gas Safety Landlords, we believe in proper service. We acknowledge that not everyone knows about gas safety law, but we are always here to inform.

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